Superb high yields and adaptation for all regions

The Doyle's Thornless blackberry cultivar is older than most thornless blackberry varieties cultivated today. This is thornless high-productive variety with very big yield. The canes of Doyle's Thornless blackberry are vigorous and trailing, require a cumbersome support. The producer promises yields from 10 to 20 gallons (37-75 liters) per plant in the second and next years after planting. The harvest season is from six to eight weeks. Berries are large and sweet, juicy, taste is similar to wild... read more

Thornless, semi-erect, high quality blackberry that has firm, uniformly shaped, dark fruit suited for the fresh market

Eclipse (ORUS 2816-4) is thornless semi-erect blackberry cultivar with medium-large, firm, dark fruit. Eclipse is introduced as a high quality blackberry that has medium-sized, uniformly shaped berries that ripen in the early season where it is firmer or earlier than current standards. Developed by C.E. Finn and others in United States, Oregon.
Eclipse has high-quality fruit in the early semi-erect season and vigorous productive plants. Fruit is uniformly shaped and firm. The primocanes of... read more

This trailing blackberry has attractive lacy leaves and produces small sweet fruit in late summer and autumn

The cultivar named Evergreen (also known as  Oregon Thornless) was grown commercially for many years before it became obsolete. This trailing blackberry has lacy leaves and produces small, sweet fruit in late summer.
Evergreen is a wonderfully ornamental plant grown on a trellis with very pretty white (pinkish) flowers in July and small berries from 3 to 6 g in the late summer and beginning of autumn. Harvest season ends at the middle of October. Bushes are very vigorous and thornless, but... read more

Superb vigor of plants, very long stems and incredible yield on your hedgerow

Fantasia blackberry variety was discovered growing on an allotment in Surrey (South England), and thought to be a cross between Merton Thornless and Himalayan Giant. The canes of Fantasia have superb vigor, they are thick, very thorny, trailing, dramatically long (up to 10 m) and bear outstanding yield of large fruit (6-8 g each, up to 25 kg per plant). Canes have the fantastical ability to cling on the vertical walls, fencings and trellis, even try to take root. The cropping season begins at... read more

The recent selection from Embrapa with distinctive flavor and large rounded fruit

Gabrielle is a newest cultivar from Embrapa, Brazil. It is a result of manual crossing between Guarani and one of the Arkansas variety, named after the east Brazilian state Minas Gerais. As a parent Guarani, Gabrielle also have corrugated (ruffled) leaves. Canes have spines. Gabrielle bears fruit on floricanes. Fruit are large, have rounded form and glossy black color. Flavor is totally distinct from other blackberries, taste is sweet. Average yield is from 2 to 3 kg per plant. Postharvest... read more


Rating: 5
Extremely vigorous plant without substitution canes

Gaj is thornless erect blackberry cultivar from Experimental Station Of The Institute Of Horticulture, Brzezna, Poland. Gaj is extremely vigorous plant without root canes. Stems are thick and strong, up to 3,5 m in length and up to 25 mm in diameter, fully thornless. New canes are bright green in color, but soon become hardwood. Strongly recommended to lay the canes on the trellis timely for prevent canes damage. Laterals usually are short. First ripen berries appear at the end of July. The... read more

Prickles-free semi-erect high-quality cultivar with very nice attractive berries

Blackberry Galaxy is a newest thornless, semi-erect high-quality cultivar, that has firm, large, dark fruit suited for the fresh market and that ripen in the early season for this type of blackberry. Galaxy was released by the US Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Research Service breeding program in Corvallis, Oregon, in cooperation with Oregon State University’s Agricultural Experiment Station.
Galaxy was introduced as a high-quality blackberry that has medium-large berries that ripen in... read more

Very vigorous late-ripening blackberry cultivar with numerous substitution canes

Blackberry Gazda is erect-growing floricane-fruiting cultivar from Experimental Station Of The Institute Of Horticulture, Brzezna, Poland. Gazda is very vigorous plant with numerous substitution canes. Stems are thick and strong, up to 2,5-3 m in length with curved endings. Gazda cultivar has some thorns. New canes are bright green in color, but soon become hardwood. Strongly recommended to lay the canes on the trellis timely for prevent canes damage. Laterals usually are short. First ripen... read more

Sweet firmness blackberry cultivar with wild berry flavor from Poland

Gloria (NR145301) is one of the new blackberry cultivar from Poland, selected by Niwa Berry Breeding Company, the private breeding company in Poland.
Plants of this variety are fully thornless, semi-erect, have medium height, fruits on floricanes. Gloria is early ripening variety - middle July in the open ground and about fourth week of June in tunnels. Berries are big, average berry weight is about 7 g, reaches 10 g. Color is shiny black with little purple shade. Taste is sweet with notable... read more

High-quality variety with extremely large, attractive, ornamental double flowers and glossy black fruit

Blackberry cultivar Hall’s Beauty was introduced as a thornless trailing machine harvestable, high-quality blackberry that has extremely large, attractive, and ornamental double flowers, which have many more petals than typical blackberries and that produce large, well-formed berries for the fresh or the processed fruit market.
Hall’s Beauty shares two grandparents with Columbia Star and Columbia Giant and all four grandparents with Columbia Sunrise. Blackberry Hall’s Beauty thornlessness is... read more