Two-season ripening prickly erect blackberry cultivar with high crop

Reuben is a late-season primocane blackberry bred at the University of Arkansas, USA, using specific targeted breeding, and selected in the UK for growing in UK and Northern Europe.
Rueben was introduced to broaden the choices of this innovative, prickly primocane-fruiting blackberry cultivar. This... read more

Floricane-fruiting cultivar from Experimental Station Of The Institute Of Horticulture, Brzezna, Poland

Blackberry Ruczaj is floricane-fruiting cultivar from Experimental Station Of The Institute Of Horticulture, Brzezna, Poland.
Ruczaj is vigorous plant without substitution stems. Stems are thick and strong, erect, up to 3 m in length, fully spikeless. New canes are bright green in color, but soon... read more

Semi-erect vigorous productive cultivar

Schultz thornless blackberry is semi-erect vigorous productive cultivar, selected accidentally from test plants in experimental station and grown by Edible Landscaping. Height is about 1,5 m, then arch outwards. It has a very long period of ripening and fruits for 6-8 weeks with lots of berries at... read more

Old American highly vigorous erect-growing thorny cultivar with long harvest period

Plants of the Shawnee are highly vigorous and prolific and row establishment following planting is rapid. Both primocanes and floricanes are very erect and the fruit is readily accessible to both machine and hand harvest. Thorn size and density are medium. Canes are not thick, about 15 mm at the... read more

Thornless, floricane-fruiting semi-upright plant with firm fruit, high yield

Shuofeng is new thornless, floricane-fruiting semi-upright plant with firm fruit, high yield, recommended for processing or fresh market. Breeded by Institute of Botany, China. Selected from Kiowa and Hull varieties. Vigor of bushes is very high, growth habit semi-upright. Fruits are medium-large... read more

Old Australian trailing thorny cultivar with good tolerance to heavy soils, wind and drought

Silvan is a blackberry cultivar of exceptional quality and yield. It has good tolerance to heavy soils, wind and drought. Silvan has a Marion cultivar as one of the parents. The selection was made in 1964 in Department of Agriculture, Victoria, United States.
Primocanes emerge with a green color,... read more

Very productive thorny trailing blackberry variety for processing and fresh market

The primary goal of the US Department of Agriculture–Agricultural Research Service breeding program, in cooperation with Oregon State University, was the development of blackberry cultivars that will complement or replace Marion blackberry. While Marion fruits are ideal for processing, the plants... read more

Old and proven very vigorous high-productive trailing blackberry cultivar

Smoothstem is one of the old American varieties of thornless floricane-fruiting blackberry, selected in 1966 in USA as a cross from Merton Thornless and Eldorado. It's characteristics is very similar to Thornfree variety, because both have same parents. Plants are very trailing and vigorous, stems... read more

Thornless creeping bramble cultivar with good tolerance to high air temperatures and double blossom (rosette)

Sweetie Pie blackberry variety was selected by the USDA in Poplarville, Mississippi, United States. Plants grows vigorously and produces numerous floricanes, which are thornless and have a trailing (or semi-erect without fruit) growth habit. Fruit are medium size, glossy black and have excellent... read more

Fruits are sweeter, much larger, and more aromatic than that of the Loganberry

Tayberry plant was selected from a cross between maternal parent blackberry Aurora and red raspberry. Selection was made by Scottish Horticultural Research Institute, UK. This variety resembles the Loganberry is some respects, but is superior to it with respect to fruit size, yield, fruit color,... read more

Terena cultivar fruit has very good flavor, which is mainly a consequence of the high ratio sugars and acidity

The plants of the Terena cultivar are of medium vigor, erect, productive, with thorns on the stems, but in lower density than in the Tupy cultivar.
Full bloom occurs in the second half of October and the end of the season is in the last ten days of October or early November. Fruit ripening begins at... read more

Old commercial thornless cultivar for processing and wine production

Old American variety of thornless floricane-fruiting blackberry (selected in 1966 in USA). Plants are very trailing and vigorous, stems can achieve up to 5 m in length and up to 2 m in height. Large white (with low pinkish shade) flowers appear in June. Flowers have 5 to 7 petals. Thornfree is... read more

Blackberry variety with sour berries for industrial processing

Tested as the Black 145 selection, the Ticuna blackberry was obtained from a cross between the Black 6/96 selection and the Caingangue cultivar.
Ticuna plants have an erect growth habit and their stems have thorns in similar densities to the Tupy and Guarani cultivars. The red pigmentation is medium... read more

Сlassic years-proven midsummer-ripening thornless blackberry with nice taste and aroma

Triple Crown is a very popular midsummer-ripening self-fertile cultivar of blackberry. It was selected in United States. This variety has thornless canes, high productivity, good fruit's sweetness and aroma. Triple crown is vigorous, crown-forming plant with thornless canes. Second-year canes have... read more

Commercial cultivar with low chill requirements for South hemisphere areas

The Tupy blackberry is the result of a cross between the Uruguay and Comanche varieties. This is global floricane-fruiting commercial cultivar in such regions as South and Central America. Stems are trailing, very thorny and vigorous. Tupy has high yield and very good fruit quality. It produces... read more

Thornless semi-erect high-productive blackberry variety, which has a pleasantly crisp , firm texture

Twilight is a thornless, semi-erect, high-quality blackberry, that has very firm, large, dark and sweet fruit berries. It ripens in the early midseason for a semi-erect type of blackberry. Twilight was released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Service breeding program in... read more

This is a clone of Loch Ness as fact, which has all characteristics of parent cultivar

Veronique was selected from Loch Ness and got most of it's characteristics, such as large fruits, winter hardiness and earliness of ripening. The primary difference is pink color of flowers on Veronique plants.
Bushes are vigorous and thornless. Berries are conical in form and large. When fully ripe... read more


Rating: 4.5
Erect-growing thornless blackberry with good postharvest shelf life, small seed size and late harvest season

Von is a floricane-fruiting blackberry developed by North Carolina State University, United States. Blackberry variety Von is a productive plant with high yield, long harvest season, excellent postharvest attributes, and small seed size. Furthermore, it is the first thornless blackberry released... read more

This blackberry cultivar was released as the first thornless, trailing blackberry for commercial planting

Waldo blackberry cultivar was released as the first thornless, trailing blackberry for commercial planting. Waldo has not replaced much of the Marion acreage as its flavor, while good, is very different from Marion variety. Was selected in 1945, presented in 1989. Waldo is fully thornless plant.
... read more

A great blackberry variety for special small fruit applications

Wild Treasure (evaluated as ORUS 1843-3) is a trailing blackberry cultivar from the Department of Agriculture–Agricultural Research Service (USDA-ARS) breeding program in Corvallis, United States. Wild Treasure is thornless and has high-quality fruit that are very small and suitable for mechanical... read more