A thornless variation of widely-known blackberry cultivar Marion

Blackberry Willamette Thornless Marion is a thornless variation of the world-known cultivar Marion. Inventor is Leonard Joseph Heidt (Oregon, United States). Variety is nearly identical in all ways except that it does not have the thorns. It has the same color and flavor as the Marion, the same... read more

Old Brazilian thornless erect variety, bred from Arkansas's sources

The Xavante blackberry is derived from seeds, collected in Clarksville, Arkansas, US, from a cross between the A-1620 and A-1507 varieties made in 1988, and is the second generation of this cross, made in 2004.
It has vigorous, upright stems without thorns and is a low-chilling cultivar.
The berries... read more

Brazilian blackberry variety for warm South regions

Blackberry Xingu is Brasilian cultivar, selected from blackberries Tupy and US Arapaho. This variety is semi-erect, thorny, floricane-fruiting plant, very similar to parent Tupy (but more productive and has a longer harvest season).
In Brazil area Xingu starts to bloom on the last week of November,... read more