Tayberry blackberry variety

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Fruits are sweeter, much larger, and more aromatic than that of the Loganberry

Originated from a cross of

Originated from a cross of Aurora x Red raspberry

Plants are

Plants are thorny

Bushes have

Bushes have trailing canes

Fruit weight is

Fruit weight is 8 g


Berries have a oblong shape

Fruiting habit

Fruiting habit - floricane fruiting (summer-bearing)

Flowering on floricanes starts in the

Flowering on floricanes starts in the third week of April

Ripening date (regular) -

Ripening date (regular) - first week of June

Productivity is

Productivity is 3 kg per plant

Cold hardiness is

Cold hardiness is good

Country of origin

Country of origin - United Kingdom


Patent US Plant 4,424 dated June 11, 1979

Current status

Current status - cultivated (actual)

Tayberry plant was selected from a cross between maternal parent blackberry Aurora and red raspberry. Selection was made by Scottish Horticultural Research Institute, UK. This variety resembles the Loganberry is some respects, but is superior to it with respect to fruit size, yield, fruit color, mode of presentation of fruit, and ease of propgation by root cuttings. Tayberry is vigorous, have sturdy long shoots, spreading in young plants but later tending towards a more semi-erect habit. Typical canes commonly are approximately 3 to 5 m long. Spines are dense, elliptical in shape and highly pigmented at their base and tip. Leaves are a deep green but red pigmentation is prominent, especially in young leaves, around the margins of older leaves and in the petioles. The leaflets are very slightly convex, usually five in number and have a distinct relief between the veins. Suckering in the true botanical sense does not occur, but established plants commonly produce from approximately 5 to 9 (typically 6-7) replacement canes from root-stock buds. Fruits are well presented in fruiting laterals of about 25-30 cm length. They are typically deep red or purplish red and change to a deep purple when over-ripe, large and of long conical shape. The fruits of the Tayberry are darker than those of the Loganberry and tend to be more purple in color than those of the Loganberry which are more red in color. They have a slightly glossy appearance with only very slight downiness. They separate from the plant with the plug remaining attached. Ripening commences early and extends over a long period. The fruit weight commonly ranges from approximately 5 g during a dry season, and from approximately 7 to 11 g during a wet season. On the full-sun places berries can wither. The fruit is similar to that of the Loganberry with respect to juiciness. Firmness is moderate. The fruit stores well when deep frozen. Tayberry has low resistance to crown gall disease and gall midge pests. Winter hardiness is good.

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Reviews of the variety Tayberry


In the middle of La Fruitière du Val Evel’s Orchards, discover the exclusive culture of an exceptional forgotten and unique tasty fruit!


Tayberry - Super Sweet and Nutritious - UK - Tayberries Tayberry - These berries (Tayberries) need a strong support wire, as they fruit very heavily. These are early season crops, these are one of the first berries to ripe in the season. They have massive fruits and are super sweet and will produce abundant crops for years to come. Can be used for fencing as well.

Review from [SJEF VAN DONGEN]

In deze video vertelt Sjef van Dongen over de taybes. Met zo min mogelijk werk en moeite zoveel mogelijk oogsten. De taybessen staan in de permacultuur eetbare tuin op het terrein van Fruithof de Brand.

Review from [ALEXANDER3_GW]

I had a Tayberry plant for a few seasons, and pulled it out last summer. It is vigorous and productive, but the very thorny canes sprawl along the ground. At the end of each year I would cut off the old canes, gather up the sprawlers, and run them through a tomato cage. It was a big pain.


Tayberry is my family's favorite berry. It grows just like a blackberry but it's dark red when ripe and milder in flavor and delicious to our taste. It ripens over a more extended period than any of our blackberries. It's about as productive as the blackberries too.

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