MM01 blackberry variety

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New early-ripening thorny primocane-bearing cultivar with high crops

Originated from a cross of

Originated from a cross of Navaho x APF-45 (Prime-Ark 45)

Plants are

Plants are slightly thorny

Bushes have

Bushes have erect canes

Fruit weight is

Fruit weight is 8 g


Berries have a oblong shape

Fruiting habit

Fruiting habit - primocane-fruiting (everbearing)

Flowering on floricanes starts in the

Flowering on floricanes starts in the fourth week of April

Ripening date (regular) -

Ripening date (regular) - second week of June

Blooming on primocanes starts in the

Blooming on primocanes starts in the third week of May

Ripening date (remontant) -

Ripening date (remontant) - first week of August

Productivity is

Productivity is 5 kg per plant

Soluble solids

Soluble solids - 10.0%

Cold hardiness is

Cold hardiness is low

Country of origin

Country of origin - United States


Patent US PP31,292 P3 dated December 30, 2019

Current status

Current status - pending (temporarily unavailable)

MM01 is a primocane blackberry variety with a moderately to heavy fruit size and a very early primocane fruiting season. The main characteristics of MM01 include very small thorns (significantly less than those of the Kiowa and Reuben) and a strong plant vigor with good adaptability to multiple areas. Canes have an erect growth habit and are of medium to large stature. Plants of this blackberry variety are similar to the male parent Navaho in heavy fruit crop, higher soluble solids and adaptability. MM01 produces fruit on primocanes and floricanes. Primocane fruit and flowers are borne on the cane terminus or on lateral branches if primocanes are tipped, and fruiting continues down the primocane during the season. MM01 is early-ripening blackberry. Floricane blooming period begins at the last week of April. The ripening date of the floricane berries is second week of June. Fruits of MM01 are generally round in shape (but sometimes fruits have a slightly elongated shape) and medium-large in size. Average berry weight is 8 g. Productivity on floricane vary from 1,5 to 2,5 kg per plant, on primocane - from 3 to 4 kg. First flowers appear on primocanes at the third week of May, but this date can be much later due the fickle dates of planting or pruning. Thus maturity of berries on primocanes vary from the first week of August and later. The fresh fruit rates very good in flavor, sweet and mildly acidic, with a distinct blackberry aroma. Berries of MM01 is good for fresh market use with keeping quality and shipping quality that appear excellent.
Cold hardiness of MM01 variety is unknown.

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