Marion blackberry variety

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One of the most famous trailing blackberry cultivars in the world

Botanical designation

Rubus subgenus Rubus 'Marion'

Originated from a cross of

Originated from a cross of Olalie x Chehalem

Variety denomination

Variety denomination - 'Marion'

Plants are

Plants are thorny

Bushes have

Bushes have trailing canes

Fruit weight is

Fruit weight is 5 g


Berries have a oblong shape

Fruiting habit

Fruiting habit - floricane fruiting (summer-bearing)

Ripening date (regular) -

Ripening date (regular) - third week of July

Productivity is

Productivity is 3.8 kg per plant

Soluble solids

Soluble solids - 12.28%


Acidity - 1.9%

Cold hardiness is

Cold hardiness is moderate

Heat tolerance is

Heat tolerance is moderate

Country of origin

Country of origin - United States

Current status

Current status - obsolete or rarely used

Recommended replacement

Recommended replacement - Ponca

Blackberry Marion is a thorny trailing cultivar from Oregon, which was intended to expand the blackberry's industry in the middle of XX century. It was presented in 1957. In those years the most widely frown blackberry varieties were Thornless Evergreen and Boysen. The Thornless Evergreen was late-ripening cultivar. The Boysen, although its season was much earlier, haв not given satisfactory yields. Marion was earlier than Thornless Evergreen and had more yield than Boysen. Fruit quality of Marion blackberry cultivar had been generally superior to that of both other varieties. Over the years Marion was the main blackberry cultivar in commercial blackberry production.
Marion has a few long canes, typically 5-6 m each. Canes are easy to train. This gave Marion a distinct advantage over Boysen, which had many canes of various length. The number of thorns is high, but thorns are large. The buds are relatively close together and the internodes are short. The fruit branches are long, have many flowers and fruits per lateral. These fruiting laterals are strong and extend out from the cane arch fashion. This fruit production habit makes for ease in picking, and thorns do not cause pickers. Average yield of Marion is about 11 t/ha or up to 5 kg/plant. Average berry weight is about 5 g. Berries typically have round slightly elongated shape, drupelets are medium size, seeds are medium size. Color is bright black. Flavor is superior.

Diseases resistance

What diseases is blackberry Marion resistant to?

Marion has very good resistance to diseases such as Orange RustVerticillium Wilt
Diseases susceptibility

What diseases is blackberry variety Marion vulnerable to?

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Reviews of the variety Marion

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All the cultivation tips and tricks for the thornless blackberry. The Marionberry!


After hearing so many clients rave about their childhood memories with this fruit we decided we needed to make some memories of our own! Our kids love these berries and so do we. Although they are some work as you will need to set up a trellis to grow them- we think they are worth the effort. :)

Review from [FULLPLATE]

I grew Marionberry and several others in pots. That’s going to do way better than outdoors in your area. The yield is really pretty darn good for small pots.

These are all in pots about 3 gallon. That works with frequent watering.
Marionberry left, Obsidian right.