Black Cascade blackberry variety

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This dwarf primocane-fruiting thornless trailing variety is selected to be cultivated in pots and baskets

Plants are

Plants are thornless

Bushes have

Bushes have trailing canes

Fruit weight is

Fruit weight is 4 g


Berries have a conical shape

Fruiting habit

Fruiting habit - primocane-fruiting only

Flowering on floricanes starts in the

Flowering on floricanes starts in the third week of August

Harvesting begins in the

Harvesting begins in the fourth week of September

Productivity is

Productivity is 1,3 kg per plant

Cold hardiness is

Cold hardiness is low

Country of origin

Country of origin - United Kingdom

Current status

Current status - cultivated (actual)

Black Cascade is trailing fully thornless variety, selected especially for cultivation in hanging baskets and pots in patio, winter gardens, balcony and terraces. Bushes are compact, has low height and sprawl (typically plants grow to 30 cm in height and 45 cm in width). Black Cascade is dwarf primocane-fruiting late-ripening (autumn) bramble. Starts to bloom at the middle of August, harvest season begins at the end of September. Flowers are very attractive, white with pinkish shade.
Harvest is not high (averaged weight is 1,3 kg per plant), but berries are taste and sweet, size is medium (averaged weight is 4g). Ripen berries have low firmness and storage potential.

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