HJ-7 blackberry variety

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Second ultra early-ripening blackberry cultivar, which made for northern coastal California and based on Obsidian variety

Botanical designation

Rubus subgenus Rubus Watson 'HJ-7'

Originated from a cross of

Originated from a cross of Obsidian x Eaton

Variety denomination

Variety denomination - 'HJ-7'

Plants are

Plants are thorny

Bushes have

Bushes have trailing canes

Fruit weight is

Fruit weight is 6 g


Berries have a oblong shape

Fruiting habit

Fruiting habit - floricane fruiting (summer-bearing)

Flowering on floricanes starts in the

Flowering on floricanes starts in the third week of March

Ripening date (regular) -

Ripening date (regular) - fourth week of May

Productivity is

Productivity is 3500 kg from ha

Soluble solids

Soluble solids - 12%

Cold hardiness is

Cold hardiness is low

Heat tolerance is

Heat tolerance is low

Country of origin

Country of origin - United States


Patent US PP24.298 P3 dated March 10, 2014

Current status

Current status - obsolete or rarely used

Recommended replacement

Recommended replacement - Columbia Sunrise

HJ-7 blackberry is a result of a controlled cross made in 2005 between the Obsidian (female plant) and Eaton (male). HJ-7 is primarily adapted to the climate and growing conditions of the Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties in California, and was being tested in Southern California and in Europe. HJ-7 has reacted favorably to the northern coastal California, but for maximum crop variety requires consistent soil moisture and good nutrition.
When the HJ-7 is compared to the HJ-6, the following trait differences have been observed:
  1. The fruit production of HJ-6 occurs later in the season than HJ-7;
  2. The overall (total season) production of HJ-6 is greater than that of HJ-7;
  3. The average berry size of HJ-6 (8-10g) is larger than the average berry size of HJ-7 (6-7 g);
  4. The leaf color of HJ-6 is lighter in early June than the leaf color of HJ-7 at the same point in the season;
  5. HJ-6 is considered superior to HJ-7 in side-by-side flavor test results.
This is nearest relative of the HJ-6 variety, so other characteristics is identical.

HJ-7  sweet?

Is blackberry HJ-7 sweet?

HJ-7 blackberries mostly have a sweet flavor
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