Agawam blackberry variety

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Thorny bramble with high productivity, small juicy fruit and harvest period from mid-August until the autumn frosts

Plants are

Plants are thorny

Bushes have

Bushes have trailing canes

Fruit weight is

Fruit weight is 4 g


Berries have a conical shape

Fruiting habit

Fruiting habit - floricane fruiting (summer-bearing)

Flowering on floricanes starts in the

Flowering on floricanes starts in the third week of June

Ripening date (regular) -

Ripening date (regular) - third week of August

Cold hardiness is

Cold hardiness is excellent

Country of origin

Country of origin - United States

Current status

Current status - obsolete or rarely used

Agawam cultivar is known from the end of XIX century, was found growing in a pasture in Massachusetts. In 1889 the American Pomological Society added the variety to its fruit catalog list. Agawam is still widely grown but it is not commercial variety.
Bushes are medium in size and vigor, have numerous green (changing to dark reddish brown) canes with small thorns. The leaves heavily tinged with red late in the season. Root suckers are aggressively grow at the significant distance from bush, which leads to a rapid uncontrolled reproduction of the plant.
Flowers early, blooming period is very long (from mid-June). Flowers are small with white color, have 3-5 leaflets.
Fruit of Agawam are very variable in size and color, vary differ in shape and drupelets size. Drupelets typically are large, rounded, with strong coherence. The berries are small to medium in size, very attractive in appearance, ship and store well. Harvest season is very long until the first autumn frosts.
The plants are more winter-hardy than most other modern varieties, resist drouth well.

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