Navaho Big And Early(Grande Y Temprano) variedad de mora

Clasificación [ 4.9 ]

Cultivo sin espinas y robusto de crecimiento erguido y sin pretensiones, seleccionado de la variedad americana Navaho

Las plantas son

Las plantas son sin espinas

Los arbustos tienen

Los arbustos tienen estancado tallos

El peso del fruto es

El peso del fruto es 6 gramo


Las bayas tienen un cónica forma

Hábito de fructificación

Hábito de fructificación - fructificación florífera (de verano)

La floración en los floricanes comienza en el

La floración en los floricanes comienza en el cuarta semana del mes de Mayo

Fecha de maduración (regular) -

Fecha de maduración (regular) - tercera semana del mes de Julio

La productividad es

La productividad es 3 kg por planta

La rusticidad al frío es

La rusticidad al frío es moderado

País de origen

País de origen - Suiza

Situación actual

Situación actual - moderno o muy utilizado

Navaho BigAndEarly es una variedad de floración tardía, seleccionada por Lubera AG a partir del cultivar original de Navaho. Esta planta robusta, sin espinas y sin pretensiones, es tan vigorosa como su progenitor Navaho, y tiene 3-5 tallos fuertes y muy erguidos, por lo que no necesita espaldera. La longitud típica de los tallos es de 1,5-2 m. Las primeras flores aparecen a finales de mayo o principios de junio, la temporada de cosecha comienza a finales de julio y termina a finales de septiembre. Las flores son de color rosa o blanco con tonalidad rosada. Las bayas son grandes (6-7 g), ligeramente alargadas, del mismo tamaño, tienen un color negro brillante, son muy jugosas, pero son excepcionalmente firmes. El sabor y el olor son muy atractivos. La cosecha es estupenda, de 2 a 4 kg por planta, más de 4 kg en un buen suelo.
El requisito de frío invernal (por debajo de 5-7 C) para conseguir una brotación adecuada en primavera es de unas 700 a 800 horas. En las regiones frías del norte requiere refugios de invierno.
Navaho BigAndEarly tiene buena resistencia a muchas enfermedades bacterianas.

Variedad anterior

Reseñas de la variedad Navaho Big And Early(Grande Y Temprano)


Our blackberry Bigandearly® ripens very early, in mid-summer. Don't prune the Blackberry Navaho® Bigandearly® (Rubus fruticosus) in autumn. In spring you can cut the side shoots and the top of the plant shorter.


Fruit plants are not only for their fruit. They are also fo their flowers. Look here at the wonderful blossom of Bigandearly. The blackberry blooms of this Lubera variety has also a little hint of rose.

Revisión de [5]

From flowering late May or early June the picking season is usually very late July to late Sept. In the UK and colder climates. First berry ripening time is 55 to 60 days from first inception of flowers. By the way the fruits are exceptionally firm, firmer than Chester Thornlesss which is considered the finest of all! This plant after 8-10 years, if planted in heavy soil will also stop producing canes from the cane and start sprouting new canes from its roots 2 metres away in search of nutrients especially, if the soil is exhausted. It is also extremely upright. Yields can be 4kg+ in good soil. It is vigorous with its new canes just like its parent plant Navaho. It can also double drop late in the season with newer basal shoots on lower parts of existing fruiting cane and showing some primocane activity by cropping again the following year unlike the usual pattern of once flowering the whole cane/shoot is dead after fruiting that same year!

Revisión de [ALLAN]

It's a nice plant to grow Navaho Bigandearly. My daughter bought me one a few years back after retiring. About 75% of its very big fruits ripen anytime from mid July to late July in a fairly concentrated period of 3 to 4 weeks.

If you are lucky to get the sun the rest will ripen mid August to mid Sept otherwise its best to chop the plant down like other thornless types as the fruit never ripen. Yields are moderate 4 to 6 pounds per plant on two canes usually, but are very firm fruits resistant to mould and pesky flies. Good to grow in a large container as I do and easy to tend.

Revisión de [JED]

Finished my 3 year trial of Navaho BigandEarly and is a very disease resistant compact growing plant. 1st year establishing- no crop of course; 2nd year 1.82 kg of quality fruit; this year picked 450 fruits, discarded 50 late Aug as no chance of ripening. A few early ripening ones were lost to hungry birds in July.

Most ripened from mid July to mid Aug with final small batch into Sept first week. Final weight was 2.5 kg from two canes, with the plant putting out four more new canes for next year. Average fruit weight of 100 fruits was 625 g as well as total yield so a very uniform plant overall. Some fruits weighing 7.5 g. Fruit is very firm and juicy with small seeds. Pleasantly mildly sweet when fully ripe.

Great garden plant much better than blackberry Helen which is too acidic and disease prone. This Navaho has some ornamental value as the flowers are a pretty rose pink and the plant is very stout and upright. It survived some poorly drained soil in my garden without problems. Verdict: ideal plant.

Revisión de [RICHARD]

The Navaho Summerlong may well be one of the earliest fruiting blackberries due to its flowering pattern. It flowers mid May to Mid June. Barely 4 weeks or so. The fruits set well and are quick forming for a late July or earlier ripening. Ideal season and good yields.

The Navaho Early has a better flower display, but is more erratic in ripening evenly. More disease prone too and its vigor declines after only a few years.

Revisión de [K. RICE]

We bought a Navaho BigandEarly last year online. Last year it has cropped really well from the last week in July until end of August giving big blackberries. There are still loads of undeveloped green fruits on its stems, but with the heavy showers and lack of sun unlikely to ever ripen in this very wet Aug month.