The primary reasons of bramble diseases

This article describes the most important reasons causing blackberry diseases

The most part of diseases of blackberry plants is appearing due to bacteria and fungi activity. These microorganisms are living on the leaves and canes of the different plants, destroying, modifying plant and using it's resources.
Bacteria are ultral small one-celled microorganism, which reproduces very rapidly by a simple splitting into two cells. Each of these two cells soon grows up to the size of parent cell. They penetrates into tissues of the plants and causes different diseased conditions, for example - rotting and wilting. The some part of bacterial diseases can be cured.
Fungi are typically presented on plants as molds and mildews. Fungi have different structures and types. Fungi produces spores, these spores can distribute over wide area. Spores quickly reproduce on leaves and canes of plant, especially if the weather is moderately warm and wet. The some part of fungal diseases are hardly curable.
The specific group of diseases are occurring due to contagious viruses influence. This is the most dangerous group of blackberry and other caneberries diseases. Parasitic microorganisms are so small, that can be viewed only with very powerful microscope. Many trappings of such diseases are similar among different viruses, so the treatment is very difficult. In many cases the trappings is also looks like bacterial disease.